Sentinel Monitoring System

The Barclay Sentinel monitoring system is a fully automated and integrated system designed to monitor and analyze multiple conditions of a potable water system. A powerful controller coupled with Barclay’s U-Link 4g Wireless network results in the ability to remotely monitor your system from any computer with a web browser.

Our Sentinel Monitoring System was designed and built by veterans for veterans in support of VHA Directive 1061.

Our new water monitoring system provides VA Hospitals with many options to meet or exceed VHA 1061. One of these options is our Sentinel Outpost which allows the monitoring of remote distal points which report back via network connections (MODBUS TCP/IP) to the main sentinel system.


  • Continuous monitoring of Temperature, pH, Oxidant Residual, Dissolved Solids and Pressure
  • Instantaneous readings in addition to central recording of measurements continuously
  • Alarming capabilities for out-of-control parameters
  • Rugged, minimal maintenance and solid state reliability
  • Remote access 24/7 device providing maximum performance
  • Logging and Graphing capabilities.
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