SAFE® Delivery System

Barclay’s SAFE® System is a unique storage and feed system designed to eliminate operator handling of water treatment formulations.

The SAFE® system enables trained Barclay specialists to deliver water treating chemicals to the point of use and eliminate problems associated with handling and dispensing of treatment chemicals and the disposal of empty water treatment containers.

Our SAFE® system utilizes specially designed corrosion resistant tanks in a variety of sizes and materials to accommodate individual customer needs. The SAFE® drum less delivery system insures uninterrupted chemical feed for continuous system protection while at the same time minimizing floor space required for storage of water treatment containers.

The Barclay SAFE® system is the most flexible and environmentally friendly drumless delivery system in the marketplace and sets the standard for client safety and chemical spill prevention. The SAFE® system is ISO 9001:2008 Certified and meets or exceeds local, state and federal environmental standards regarding the handling water treating chemicals.

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