DOH Inspections: Chemical Treatment

Cooling Towers all over New York City have been visited by Department of Health Inspectors. One way to protect yourself from possible fines is to select a good water treatment provider. In NYC there are many choices, but it is important to select one that complies with NYC law by registering all chemicals used with NYS and who also understands the chemistry of your unique system. At Barclay Water Management, where we have been treating water systems for over 80 years, we register all chemicals with the DOH, and can provide all documentation to that effect within minutes. Our technicians are trained in water chemistry and possess NYS chemical applicator licenses, providing not only the tailored solutions that keep your system running without any hiccups, but the important answers the DOH needs when performing an inspection. Behind every Barclay Water Management trained engineer, there is a support staff keeping up with the latest in legal requirements in order to keep our customers in compliance. Here are three questions to ask your water treatment provider today:

  1. What is your NYS Chemical Applicator License number?
  2. What is the measured residual of oxidizing biocide in the cooling tower system?
  3. What are you testing for when measuring the inhibitor in the cooling tower system?

Expected Answers:

  1. Anyone who applies chemical to your tower in the city of New York must have (or operate under) a Chemical Applicator License.
  2. NYC law states that the oxidizing biocide must be fed daily using automation.
  3. A specific known level of chemical.

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