Barclay Water Management’s Remote Water Treatment Capabilities

Maintaining the physical operation of a building’s utility water systems remains a vital function during times of low occupancy. Employees and contractors that service these water systems are essential workforce and continue to be responsible for controlling scale, corrosion and microbiological fouling in systems. While periodic physical inspections are always necessary to ensure a water treatment program is being properly executed, there are multiple remote capabilities now available that allow the automation of these water treatment programs along with remote data access.

These are two of Barclay’s robust remote water treatment tools that can be implemented in conjunction with a water treatment controller with internet access:

1. Barclay Service Tracking and Reporting (STAR™)

Barclay STAR™ gives facilities and Barclay the capability to share, organize and interpret the ever-growing volume of data generated by your system, unlocking trends and identifying new sources of economic value. The STAR™ controller capability allows you to monitor cooling towers, boilers and process water systems.

This password-protected internet-based data logging and communication tool requires no software and utilizes a secure and intuitive navigation system for ease of use. Graphing capabilities assist in identifying trends automatically, highlighting opportunities for improvement. STAR™ can communicate with existing controllers, detecting loss of flow and other operational problems which can be viewed remotely from a computer or cellphone, identifying problems or opportunities for improvement in a timely manner.


2. Fluorescence Optimized Chemical Utilization System (FOCUS™)

Barclay Water Management’s FOCUS™ system consists of an online fluorescence probe and a cooling tower controller which, when used with FOCUS™ inhibitor products, provides real time inhibitor level readings in your cooling tower system.

FOCUS™ monitors and controls the level of inhibitor chemistry in your system in real time. The controller allows a feedback control of product dosage at a user specified level according to the fluorescent signal. The FOCUS™ system can include a range of devices such as pH, conductivity, ORP and tank level sensors which feed information to the controller.

Accurate inhibitor levels can be accessed directly from the controller’s screen or remotely, via internet (when this feature is enabled on the controller). The inhibitor feed can be automatically controlled, assuring that the proper dose of product is always present.

Coupled with Barclay’s tank level sensors, we provide additional peace of mind for automatic tracking of product use and inventory control.

Our Service Engineers are available via smart phone and computer at all hours. For assistance with implementing remote water treatment capabilities at your facility, contact Barclay Water Management today.

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