Barclay Water Management Becomes 100% Employee Owned Through ESOP

Newton, MA – (April 26, 2016) Barclay Water Management, Inc. announced that its Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) has purchased the remaining shares of stock in the business. The Company is now 100% ESOP-owned.

Barclay Water Management, Inc. became an employee-owned business in 1982 when its founder, Stanton D. Barclay, Sr., sold a majority stake in the Company to his employees. In 2010, the Company established an ESOP for the purpose of acquiring shares of stock to distribute to its growing number of employees. At the outset, the ESOP purchased 29% of the Company. Six years later, in April 2016, Barclay’s ESOP was successful in acquiring the remainder of the stock in the business which will be held in beneficial trust for current and future employees.

In making the announcement, Barclay’s President & CEO Donald W. Carney stated: “We’re very pleased that Barclay Water Management, Inc. is now 100% ESOP-owned. Barclay Water Management, Inc. is nationally recognized as one of North America’s Top Workplaces and our emphasis on employee-ownership plays a key role in our success.”

Founded in 1932, Barclay Water Management, Inc. is the oldest and largest employee-owned water treatment organization in North America. The Company manufactures a wide range of specialty chemical treatments and equipment for controlling water chemistry in HVAC, process water, and power generating systems. Barclay’s products and services extend the useful life of boilers, chillers, cooling towers, process heat exchangers and piping systems as well as reduce utility plant operating costs by minimizing water and energy consumption. The Company also provides water hygiene programs for controlling harmful waterborne pathogens in potable

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