iChlor® Monochloramine System

Barclay Water Management, Inc. is a leading supplier of supplemental disinfection programs for potable (domestic) water systems.

Supplemental disinfection improves the quality of potable water and minimizes the proliferation of biofilms that promote the growth of harmful waterborne pathogens. Barclay’s iChlor® permits the continuous (supplemental) disinfection of potable water supplies in hospitals and medical centers and is an integral part of our effort to control the spread of Legionella bacterium. iChlor® offers continuous on-line monitoring and control of system water chemistry which is essential to achieve the desired results. Barclay Water Management, Inc. designs, manufactures, installs, and services potable water supplemental disinfection systems utilizing monochloramine. Our comprehensive services include system design, supervision of the installation, on-going field and laboratory testing, and remote monitoring and control of system water chemistry. We evaluate your entire potable water distribution system and develop a custom solution for your facility. 

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