Ice Machine Review Quiz

All questions, unless otherwise stated, pertain to ALL ICE MACHINES.

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Where can you find the correct measurements and procedure for the model machine you are working on?

How often should an ice machine be cleaned?

Is it okay to put old ice back in the bin?

How long should you let the cleaner cycle through the machine for? (Scotsman Ice Machines)

How long should you let the clean cycle flush out the chemical for? (Scotsman Ice Machines)

If the machine isn’t making ice, what is the most likely spot you need to clean? (Scotsman Ice Machines)

How long should you let the cleaning cycle run for? (Hoshizaki Ice Machines)

How long should you let the parts soak? (Hoshizaki Ice Machines)

Where can you find chemical measurement tables?

Should you rinse off the sanitizer?

What PPE is required for an ice machine cleaning?

What tools should be used to clean plastic parts?

Before you leave your machine, what are a few things you should look for?

When should you call your lead for an inspection?

Can you mix the two cleaners together to make the job go faster?

True or False: If ice gets stuck on the evaporator, its okay to pry it off with a screw driver or other abrasive tool. (Manitowoc Ice Machines)

How long does the freeze cycle take to make ice? (Manitowoc Ice Machines)

True or False: The ice thickness probe goes on after the ice curtain. (Manitowoc Ice Machines)

Is it okay to leave old ice in the bin when you finish cleaning the machine?

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