Education & Training

At Barclay Water Management, Inc., training and education are top priorities. We provide custom-designed training programs for the following topics:

  • Cooling tower treatment
  • Closed loop treatment
  • Steam and hot water boiler system treatment
  • Domestic (potable) water treatment
  • Legionella bacteria risk management and remediation
  • Understanding Legionella bacteria test results
  • Water treatment automation
  • Water test data tracking
  • And more

All of our training programs are accompanied by support material and a certificate of completion.

Group trainings can also take place at our customer’s facility, with a customized curriculum. These trainings include (but are not limited to) treatment application, hands-on training for water test methods, record keeping, treatment adjustment based on test results, control range specifications, and safely handling water treating chemicals. The content of our training sessions can be adjusted to the specific needs of our customers.

Contact us for more information and allow us to develop a customized training program for your facility.

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