Health Department Announces New Cooling Tower Academy to Educate Property Managers

In 2015, New York City created cooling tower maintenance regulations mandating that building owners take specific actions to control Legionella bacteria in their cooling towers. New York City’s cooling tower law is the most comprehensive law of its kind in the United States. In order to help building owners understand the regulations and in turn create safer communities, the Department of Health (DOH) will hold training sessions in 2018, covering compliance strategies and the enforcement process and will be open to the public. Barclay Water Management’s Environmental Group will update you with the training dates as soon as they are set by the DOH.

Barclay partners with building owners to comply with New York City’s cooling tower maintenance requirements and preserve records in an organized and easily accessible location. Our comprehensive water treatment programs and service schedules are aligned with the City’s cooling tower law and safety goals.

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