Cleaning and Disinfection Services

Cooling Tower Cleanings

Plant operators understand the value of clean heat exchange surfaces. A clean cooling tower is an efficient cooling tower and a safe cooling tower as well. The presence of just 1/32nd of an inch of biofilm can reduce heat transfer by up to 33% while a 1/16th inch layer of calcium scale deposit in a condenser can reduce chiller capacity by up to 50%. Barclay’s cooling tower cleaning program will enable you to comply with OSHA guidelines for preventing Legionnaires’ disease. OSHA recommends that facilities “clean and disinfect cooling towers quarterly or a minimum of twice a year if the unit is not used on a year round basis. Recommended cleaning schedule is prior to initial startup and again at end of season shut down.” Using Barclay’s Environmental Group to clean and disinfect your cooling towers will free up your employees for more important projects while providing you with peace of mind. At the conclusion of our work, we produce a written report using photographs to show before and after conditions. This validates our cleaning process and provides you with permanent documentation.

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